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2012Precipitation of antimony implanted into silicon
Koffel, S.; Pichler, P.; Reading, M.A.; Berg, J. van den; Kheyrandish, H.; Hamm, S.; Lerch, W.; Pakfar, A.; Tavernier, C.
Journal Article
2008Advanced activation trends for boron and arsenic by combinations of single, multiple flash anneals and spike rapid thermal annealing
Lerch, W.; Paul, S.; Niess, J.; McCoy, S.; Gelpey, J.; Cristiano, F.; Severac, F.; Fazzini, P.; Martinez-Limia, A.; Pichler, P.; Kheyrandish, H.; Bolze, D.
Conference Paper
2008Experimental investigations and simulation of the deactivation of arsenic during thermal processes after activation by SPER and spike annealing
Martinez-Limia, A.; Pichler, P.; Lerch, W.; Paul, S.; Kheyrandish, H.; Pakfar, A.; Tavernier, C.
Journal Article
2008Process models for advanced annealing schemes and their use in device simulation
Pichler, P.; Martinez-Limia, A.; Kampen, C.; Burenkov, A.; Schermer, J.; Paul, S.; Lerch, W.; Gelpey, J.; McCoy, S.; Kheyrandish, H.; Pakfar, A.; Tavernier, C.; Bolze, D.
Conference Paper