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2020Experimental and numerical investigation of CFRP cylinders with circular cutouts under axial compression
Khakimova, R.; Degenhardt, R.; Wilcken, D.
Journal Article
2019Buckling analysis of an imperfection-insensitive hybrid composite cylinder under axial compression
Wagner, H.N.R.; Petersen, E.; Khakimova, R.; Hühne, C.
Journal Article
2019Decision tree-based machine learning to optimize the laminate stacking of composite cylinders for maximum buckling load and minimum imperfection sensitivity
Wagner, H.N.R.; Köke, H.; Dähne, S.; Niemann, S.; Hühne, C.; Khakimova, R.
Journal Article
2019Geometric imperfection and lower-bound analysis of spherical shells under external pressure
Wagner, H.N.R.; Hühne, C.; Zhang, J.; Tang, W.; Khakimova, R.
Journal Article