Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020TrustEV: Trustworthy Electric Vehicle Charging and Billing
Fuchs, Andreas; Kern, Dustin; Krauß, Christoph; Zhdanova, Maria
Conference Paper
2019System Security Mechanisms for Electric Vehicles and Charge Points Supporting ISO 15118 - Proposal for a Technical Guideline
Kern, Dustin; Krauß, Christoph; Zhdanova, Maria
2014Quantitative validation of the n-butanol sniffin' sticks threshold pens
Denzer, Melanie Y.; Gailer, Stefan; Kern, David W.; Schumm, L. Philip; Thuerauf, Norbert; Kornhuber, Johannes; Buettner, Andrea; Beauchamp, Jonathan
Journal Article
2013PTR-MS applications in olfactology: Detection of odorants at the human nasal receptor sites
Beauchamp, Jonathan; Kern, David; Scheibe, Mandy; Denzer, Melanie Y.; Thürauf, Norbert; Buettner, Andrea
Conference Paper
2007CardioViz. Contextual capture and visualization for long-term ECG data
Sahami Shirazi, A.; Cheng, D.; Kroell, O.; Kern, D.; Schmidt, A.
Conference Paper
2007Gas station flash survey
Kern, D.; Schmidt, A.
Conference Paper
2007Integrating user performance time models in the design of tangible UIs
Holleis, P.; Kern, D.; Schmidt, A.
Conference Paper
2007Status- und Kontextinformationen für die Telekommunikation im Auto
Kern, D.; Schmidt, A.; Pitz, M.; Bengler, K.
Conference Paper
2000Independent magnetotransport in parallel InGaAs double quantum wells with strongly different properties
Fresser, H.S.; Frey, H.; Prins, F.E.; Wharam, D.A.; Kern, D.P.; Böttcher, J.; Künzel, H.
Journal Article