Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2009Collaborative virtual engineering for SMEs: Solutions for nomadic engineers and managers
Kürümlüoglu, M.; Kazi, A.S.; Langenberg, D.; Finger, J.
Conference Paper
2009Model-based collaborative virtual engineering in textile machinery industry
Kazi, A.S.; Ristimaki, T.; Balkan, O.; Kürümlüoglu, M.; Finger, J.; Sustar, T.
Conference Paper
2009Open building manufacturing
: Kazi, A.S.; Eichert, J.
2008Collaborative virtual engineering for SMEs: Technical architecture
Dryndos, J.; Kazi, A.S.; Langenberg, D.; Löh, H.; Stark, R.
Conference Paper
2008From machine drawings to model-based collaborative virtual engineering
Kazi, A.S.; Ristimaki, T.; Balkan, O.; Kürümlüoglu, M.; Eichert, J.; Finger, J.
Conference Paper
2008Requirements for collaborative virtual engineering for SMEs with special focus on mobility aspects
Kürümlüoglu, M.; Eichert, J.; Finger, J.; Kazi, A.S.; Sari, B.
Conference Paper
2007Hands-on knowledge co-creation and sharing
: Kazi, A.S.; Wohlfart, L.; Wolf, P.
2007Vision and strategy of ManuBuild - Open Building Manufacturing
Eichert, J.; Kazi, A.S.
Book Article