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2013Classic examples in toxicologic pathology. CD-ROM
: Karbe, Eberhard (Editor); Drommer, Wolfgang (Editor); Germann, Paul-Georg (Editor); Morawietz, Gerd (Editor); Kellner, Rupert (Editor)
Conference Proceedings
2011RITA - Registry of Industrial Toxicology Animal data: The application of historical control data for Leydig cell tumors in rats
Nolte, T.; Rittinghausen, S.; Kellner, R.; Karbe, E.; Kittel, B.; Rinke, M.; Deschl, U.
Journal Article
2009Classic examples in toxicologic pathology. CD-ROM
: Karbe, E.; Drommer, W.; Germann, P.-G.; Morawietz, G.; Kellner, R.
Conference Proceedings
1996Craniopharyngeal derivatives in the neurohypophysis, rat and hamster
Karbe, E.; Ernst, H.
Book Article
1995RITA - registry of industrial toxicology animal-data (1995). Guides for organ sampling and trimming procedures in rats
Bahnemann, R.; Jacobs, M.; Karbe, E.; Kaufmann, W.; Morawietz, G.; Nolte, T.; Rittinghausen, S.
Journal Article
1992Osteochondroma in laboratory rats. A report of 3 casesin a Fischer-344, a Sprague Dawley, and a Wistar rat. Brief communication
Ernst, H.; Karbe, E.; Mohr, U.; Nolte, T.; Sander, E.
Journal Article