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2021Definition and reference framework for life cycle technologies in life cycle engineering
Dilger, Nikolas; Kaluza, Alexander; Kiesewetter, Almut; Cerdas, Felipe; Blume, Stefan; Zellmer, Sabrina; Herrmann, Christoph
Journal Article
2021Modelling and analysis of the energy intensity in polyacrylonitrile (PAN) precursor and carbon fibre manufacturing
Dér, Antal; Dilger, Nikolas; Kaluza, Alexander; Creighton, Claudia; Kara, Sami; Varley, Russell; Herrmann, Christoph; Thiede, Sebastian
Journal Article
2021A modular LCA/LCC-modelling concept for evaluating material and process innovations in carbon fibre manufacturing
Groetsch, Thomas; Creighton, Claudia; Varley, Russell; Kaluza, Alexander; Dér, Antal; Cerdas, Felipe; Herrmann, Christoph
Journal Article
2019Assessment of social impacts along the value chain of automation technology components using the LCWE method
Schlegl, Friederike; Barkmeyer, Mercedes; Kaluza, Alexander; Knüpffer, Eva; Albrecht, Stefan
Book Article