Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017Disruptive technology scanning. Passive screening versus hands-on experimenting
Schuh, Günther; Kabasci, Patrick
Conference Paper
2017Towards new success factors in technology intelligence evidence from a european benchmarking study
Schuh, Günther; Lau, Felix; Kabasci, Patrick; Bachmann, Heidi
Journal Article
2016Collaborative technology scanning for potentially disruptive technologies
Schuh, Günther; Kabasci, Patrick; Drescher, Toni
Conference Paper
2016Identifying and evaluating disruptive technologies using technology scanning
Schuh, Günther; Kabasci, Patrick; Drescher, Toni; Ryschka, Simon; Wetterney, Tim
Conference Paper
2015Concept for structuring and derivation of technology fields in the context of Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPS)
Schuh, Günther; Schröder, Stephan; Schön, Nico; Kabasci, Patrick; Drescher, Toni
Journal Article
2015Erfolgsbeispiele in der Technologiefrüherkennung. Mit Visionen und Prozessen die technologische Zukunft mitgestalten
Schuh, Günther; Drescher, Toni; Kabasci, Patrick; Kaiser, U.; Apfel, K.; Breier, H.
Journal Article
2015Model to design technology scanning architectures for reaction to disruptive technologies: Conceptual research design
Schuh, Günther; Kabasci, Patrick; Drescher, Toni; Mangoldt, Julius von
Conference Paper