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2020Non-disruptive Supercontinuum based scattering analyses of cartilage and collagen before and after apoptosis and necrosis
Baselt, Tobias; Taudt, Christopher; Kabardiadi-Virkovski, Alexander; Prade, Ina; Lasagni, Andrés-Fabián; Hartmann, Peter
Conference Paper
2019Development of an experimental setup and a study for the comparison between optical properties and the subjective perception of a quality of a display surface
Puder, Theresa; Rudek, Florian; Taudt, Christopher; Kabardiadi-Virkovski, Alexander; Hartmann, Peter
Conference Paper
2019Evaluation of a high-speed multispectral light source for stroboscopic differential imaging for endocardial examination of Daphnia magna
Wittig, Marcus; Rogler, Georg N.; Kabardiadi-Virkovski, Alexander; Baselt, Tobias; Hartmann, Peter
Conference Paper
2019Kilohertz dynamic Fourier filter for synthetic-aperture binary hologram reconstruction
Nelsen, Bryan; Kabardiadi-Virkovski, Alexander; Baselt, Tobias; Taudt, Christopher; Hartmann, Peter
Conference Paper
2019Realization of a LIBS-based, temporally and spatially resolved welding control
Neumann, Max; Baselt, Tobias; Kabardiadi-Virkovski, Alexander; Winkler, Yves; Hartmann, Peter
Conference Paper
2018Supercontinuum-based nondisruptive scattering analyses of mouse fibroblast L929 cells before and after necrosis
Baselt, Tobias; Kabardiadi-Virkovski, Alexander; Ruf, Daniel; Nelsen, Bryan; Lasagni, Andrés-Fabián; Hartmann, Peter
Journal Article
2017Fresnel calculation of holograms for micrometer-scale material structuring on substrates with complex surface topography
Kabardiadi-Virkovski, Alexander; Baselt, Tobias; Lasagni, Andrés-Fabián; Hartmann, Peter
Conference Paper
2016Designing of measurement for fast alternative method for measuring the wavefront of lithography exposure systems
Kabardiadi-Virkovski, Alexander; Baselt, Tobias; Hartmann, Peter