Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Ferroelectric and pyroelectric properties of polycrystalline La-doped HfO2 thin films
Mart, Clemens; Kühnel, Kati; Kämpfe, Thomas; Zybell, Sabine; Weinreich, Wenke
Journal Article
2018CMOS compatible pyroelectric applications enabled by doped HfO2 films on deep-trench structures
Mart, Clemens; Weinreich, Wenke; Czernohorsky, Malte; Riedel, Stefan; Zybell, Sabine; Kühnel, Kati
Conference Paper
2018Lithium Detection and Tracking for Solid State Battery Test Stacks
Mohammadian Kia, Alireza; Haufe, Nora; Zybell, Sabine; Bönhardt, Sascha; Kühnel, Kati; Speulmanns, Jan K.; Weinreich, Wenke
2018LPCVD in-situ doped silicon for thermoelectric applications
Calvo, Jesús; Drescher, Maximilian; Kühnel, Kati; Sauer, Bodo; Müller, Michael; Schmidt, Christian; Boui, Fatima; Völklein, Friedemann; Wagner-Reetz, Maik
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2018Reliable high-density energy storage in Si-doped HfO2 thin films on 3D-structures
Kühnel, Kati; Riedel, Stefan; Mart, Clemens; Weinreich, Wenke
2016Catalytic ALD of SiO2 as spacer for an E-Beam direct write self-aligned double patterning process on 300 mm wafers
Kühnel, Kati; Riedel, Stefan; Weinreich, Wenke; Thrun, Xaver; Czernohorsky, Malte; Pätzold, Björn; Rudolph, Matthias