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2019Correction: The role of stickiness in the rheology of semiflexible polymers
Golde, T.; Glaser, M.; Tutmarc, C.; Elbalasy, I.; Huster, C.; Busteros, G.; Smith, D.M.; Herrmann, H.; Käs, J.A.; Schnauß, J.
Journal Article
2018Changing cell mechanics - a precondition for malignant transformation of oral squamous carcinoma cells
Meinhövel, F.; Stange, R.; Schnauß, J.; Sauer, M.; Käs, J.A.; Remmerbach, T.W.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2017Contact-free Mechanical Manipulation of Biological Materials
Schnauß, J.; Käs, J.A.; Smith, D.M.
Book Article
2017DNA nanotubes as a versatile tool to study semiflexible polymers
Schnauß, J.; Glaser, M.; Lorenz, J.S.; Schuldt, C.; Möser, C.; Sajfutdinow, M.; Händler, T.; Käs, J.A.; Smith, D.M.
Journal Article
2017Optical stretching in continuous flows
Morawetz, E.W.; Stange, R.; Kießling, T.R.; Schnauß, J.; Käs, J.A.
Journal Article
2011Structural investigation on the adsorption of the MARCKS peptide on anionic lipid monolayers - Effects beyond electrostatic
Dietrich, U.; Krüger, P.; Käs, J.A.
Journal Article
2009Interaction of the MARCKS peptide with PIP2 in phospholipid monolayers
Dietrich, U.; Krüger, P.; Gutberlet, T.; Käs, J.A.
Journal Article