Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2016Towards standardisation of user models for simulation and adaptation purposes
Kaklanis, Nick; Biswas, Pradipta; Mohamad, Yehya; Gonzalez, Mari Feli; Peissner, Matthias; Langdon, Pat; Tzovaras, Dimitrios; Jung, Christoph
Journal Article
2013An accessible, adaptive and multimodal digital TV framework and corresponding development tool
Biswas, Pradipta; Langdon, Pat; Duarte, Carlos; Coelho, Jose; Guerreiro, Tiago; Jung, Christoph
Conference Paper
2013An interoperable and inclusive user modeling concept for simulation and adaptation
Biswas, Pradipta; Kaklanis, Nick; Mohamad, Yehya; Peissner, Matthias; Langdon, Pat; Tzovaras, D.; Jung, Christoph
Book Article
2013A multimodal end-2-end approach to accessible computing
: Biswas, Pradipta (Editor); Duarte, Carlos (Editor); Langdon, Patrick (Editor); Almeida, Luis (Editor); Jung, Christoph (Editor)
Scientific Anthology
2011Accessible UI design and multimodal interaction through hybrid TV platforms: Towards a virtual-user centered design framework
Hamisu, Pascal; Heinrich, Gregor; Jung, Christoph; Hahn, Volker; Duarte, Carlos; Langdon, Pat; Biswas, Pradipta
Conference Paper
2011Chameleo-AD: Real-time targeted interactive advertisement for digital signage
Jung, Christoph; Tausch, Reimar; Thekkeveettil, Jens; Oundouh, Tarik; Han, Bin; Schmidt, Roman Gabriel; Wilbers, Daniel
2011GUIDE: Creating accessible TV applications
Duarte, Carlos; Langdon, Pat; Jung, Christoph; Coelho, Jose; Biswas, Pradipta; Hamisu, Pascal
Conference Paper
2011Online learning of appearance for robust data association in person tracking
Nitsch, Robert Stefan
: Roth, Stefan (Betreuer); Jung, Christoph (Betreuer)
Bachelor Thesis
2010Automatische 3D-Visualisierung für die Film- und Fernsehproduktion
Hedtke, Rolf; Schiffmann, Rolf; Jung, Yvonne; Jung, Christoph
Journal Article
2010A notation based approach to film pre-vis
Chakravarthy, Ajay; Beales, Richard M.; Jung, Yvonne; Wagner, Sebastian; Jung, Christoph; Yannopoulous, Angelos; Koutsoutos, Stefanos; Schiffmann, Rolf; Hedtke, Rolf; Saenen, Ignace
Conference Paper
2010Real-time full-body visual traits recognition from image sequences
Jung, Christoph; Tausch, Reimar; Wojek, Christian
Conference Paper
2010Storyboarding and pre-visualization with X3D
Jung, Yvonne; Wagner, Sebastian; Jung, Christoph; Behr, Johannes; Fellner, Dieter W.
Conference Paper
2010Visual human traits recognition
Tausch, Reimar
: Jung, Christoph (Betreuer)
Master Thesis
2010Workshop AccessibleTV "Accessible User Interfaces for Future TV Applications"
Hahn, Volker; Hamisu, Pascal; Jung, Christoph; Heinrich, Gregor; Duarte, Carlos; Langdon, Pat
Conference Paper
2009Automated 3D pre-vis for modern production
Beales, Richard M.; Chakravarthy, Ajay; Hedtke, R.; Huther, W.; Jung, Christoph; Jung, Yvonne; Koutsoutos, S.; Yannopoulos, A.
Conference Paper
2009Real-time Stereo-Image Stitching Using GPU-based Belief Propagation
Adam, Michael; Jung, Christoph; Roth, Stefan; Brunnett, Guido
Conference Paper
2009Scene classication using a hybrid generative/discriminative approach
Cogollos van der Linden, Jacobo Josep
: Jung, Christoph (Betreuer)
2008A platform for audiovisual telepresence using model- and data-based wave-field synthesis
Heinrich, Gregor; Leitner, Michael; Jung, Christoph; Logemann, Fabian; Hahn, Volker
Conference Paper