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2018Multiobjective Optimization of a Heat-Sink Design Using the Sandwiching Algorithm and an Immersed Boundary Conjugate Heat Transfer Solver
Andersson, T.; Nowak, D.; Johnson, T.; Mark, A.; Edelvik, F.; Küfer, K.-H.
Journal Article
2018Robust intersection of structured hexahedral meshes and degenerate triangle meshes with volume fraction applications
Svelander, F.; Kettil, G.; Johnson, T.; Mark, A.; Logg, A.; Edelvik, F.
Journal Article
2016Rigidity for infinitely renormalizable area-preserving maps
Gaidashev, D.; Johnson, T.; Martens, M.
Journal Article
2016Simulation of the spherical orientation probability distribution of paper fibers in an entire suspension using immersed boundary methods
Johnson, T.; Röyttä, P.; Mark, A.; Edelvik, F.
Journal Article
2016Spectral properties of renormalization for area-preserving maps
Gaidashev, D.; Johnson, T.
Journal Article
2015A domain decomposition method for three species modeling of multi-electrode negative corona discharge - With applications to electrostatic precipitators
Wettervik, B.; Johnson, T.; Jakobsson, S.; Mark, A.; Edelvik, F.
Journal Article
2015A finite volume method for electrostatic three species negative corona discharge simulations with application to externally charged powder bells
Johnson, T.; Jakobsson, S.; Wettervik, B.; Andersson, B.; Mark, A.; Edelvik, F.
Journal Article
2015A multi-scale simulation method for the prediction of edge wicking in multi-ply paperboard
Johnson, Tomas; Mark, Andreas; Nyström, Johan; Rief, Stefan; Fredlund, Mats; Rentzhog, Maria; Nyman, Ulf; Tryding, Johan; Lai, Ron; Martinsson, Lars; Wester, Kenneth; Edelvik, Frederik
Journal Article