Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Compressive performance of fiber reinforced polymer encased recycled concrete with nanoparticles
Gao, Chang; Huang, Liang; Yan, Libo; Kasal, Bohumil; Li, Wenhui; Jin, Ruoyu; Wang, Yutong; Li, Yin; Deng, Peng
Journal Article
2020Mechanical properties of recycled aggregate concrete modified by nano-particles
Gao, Chang; Huang, Liang; Yan, Libo; Jin, Ruoyu; Chen, Haoze
Journal Article
2019Adopting recycled aggregates as sustainable construction materials
Chen, Wei; Jin, Ruoyu; Xu, Yidong; Wanatowski, Dariusz; Li, Bo; Yan, Libo; Pan, Zhihong; Yang, Yang
Journal Article
2019Defining and testing a safety cognition framework incorporating safety hazard perception
Han, Yu; Yin, Zhenzhen; Liu, Jialun; Jin, Ruoyu; Gidado, Kassim; Painting, Noel; Yang, Yang; Yan, Libo
Journal Article
2019A science mapping approach based review of construction safety research
Jin, Ruoyu; Zou, Patrick X.W.; Piroozfar, Poorang; Wood, Hannah; Yang, Yang; Yan, Libo; Han, Yu
Journal Article
2019Strength and ductility improvement of recycled aggregate concrete by polyester FRP-PVC tube confinement
Gao, Chang; Huang, Liang; Yan, Libo; Jin, Ruoyu; Kasal, Bohumil
Journal Article
2018Multivariate regression models in estimating the behavior of FRP tube encased recycled aggregate concrete
Jin, Ruoyu; Yan, Libo; Soboyejo, Alfred B.O.; Huang, Liang; Kasal, Bohumil
Journal Article