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2011Deposition of PZT thin film onto copper-coated polymer films by mean of pulsed-DC and RF-reactive sputtering
Suchaneck, G.; Labitzke, R.; Adolphi, B.; Jastrabik, L.; Adamek, P.; Drahokoupil, J.; Hubicka, Z.; Kiselev, D.A.; Kholkin, A.L.; Gerlach, G.; Dejneka, A.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2009Deposition of PZT on copper-coated polymer films
Suchaneck, G.; Volkonskiy, O.; Gerlach, G.; Hubika, Z.; Dejneka, A.; Jastrabik, L.; Günther, S.; Schultheiss, E.
Conference Paper
2009Deposition of PZT thin films on copper-coated polymer foils - challenges and perspectives
Suchaneck, G.; Hubicka, Z.; Dejneka, A.; Guenther, M.; Günther, S.; Meyer, B.; Jastrabik, L.; Gerlach, G.; Schultheiß, E.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2009Recrystallization of the copper bottom electrode during complex oxide deposition onto kapton films
Suchaneck, G.; Hubicka, Z.; Levin, A.A.; Günther, S.; Cada, M.; Dejneka, A.; Jastrabik, L.; Meyer, D.C.; Schultheiss, E.; Gerlach, G.
Conference Paper
2004Physical properties and structure of thin conducting ion-beam modified polymer films
Günther, M.; Gerlach, G.; Suchanek, G.; Schneider, D.; Wolf, B.; Deineka, A.; Jastrabik, L.
Journal Article