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2011Nanoimprinted complementary organic electronics: Single transistors and inverters
Rothländer, T.; Palfinger, U.; Stadlober, B.; Haase, A.; Gold, H.; Palfinger, C.; Kraxner, J.; Jakopic, G.; Hartmann, P.; Domann, G.
Journal Article
2010Fabrication of n- and p-type organic thin film transistors with minimized gate overlaps by self-aligned nanoimprinting
Palfinger, U.; Auner, C.; Gold, H.; Haase, A.; Kraxner, J.; Haber, T.; Sezen, M.; Grogger, W.; Domann, G.; Jakopic, G.; Krenn, J.R.; Stadlober, B.
Journal Article
2008High refractive index inorganic-organic hybrid materials for photonic applications
Declerck, P.; Houbertz, R.; Jakopic, G.; Passinger, S.; Chichkov, B.
Conference Paper
2007Application of two-photon 3D lithography for the fabrication of embedded ORMOCER waveguides
Schmidt, V.; Kuna, L.; Satzinger, V.; Houbertz, R.; Jakopic, G.; Leising, G.
Conference Paper
2006Hybrid polymers as tunable and directly-patternable gate dielectrics in organic thin-film transistors
Haas, U.; Haase, A.; Satzinger, V.; Pichler, H.; Leising, G.; Jakopic, G.; Stadlober, B.; Houbertz, R.; Domann, G.; Schmitt, A.
Journal Article