Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Multi-Perspective Anomaly Detection
Jakob, Peter; Madan, Manav; Schmid-Schirling, Tobias; Valada, Abhinav
Journal Article
2019Schnelle Sortierung und Prüfung von Schüttgut im freien Fall am Beispiel Ventilfeder
Jakob, Peter; Basler, Carl; Schmid-Schirling, Tobias; Brandenburg, Albrecht; Carl, Daniel
Conference Paper
2018ALCHEMI - a low cost, high efficiency, optoelectronic HCPV module for 1000× operation
Duggan, G.; Johnson, A.D.; Davies, J.I.; Nitz, Peter; Wiesenfarth, Maike; Jakob, Peter; Iankov, Dimitre; Rey-Stolle, Ignacio; Algora, C.; Garcia, I.; Lombardero, I.; Caño, P.; Alburquerque, Olga; Theristis, Marios; Georghious, George E.
Conference Paper
2018Analysis of the performance of an on-axis mirror module design compared to a FLATCON module
Wiesenfarth, Maike; Gamisch, Sebastian; Jakob, Peter; Steiner, Marc; Bett, Andreas
Conference Paper
2018Method and apparatus for identifying at least one material comprised in a voxel
Blaimer, Martin; Jakob, Peter
2018Systematic design evaluation on the example of a concentrator photovoltaic module with mirror optics and passive heat dissipation
Wiesenfarth, Maike; Gamisch, Sebastian; Jakob, Peter; Steiner, Marc; Bett, Andreas
Journal Article
2018Verbesserungspotentiale für Silikonoptiken in der konzentrierenden Photovoltaik
Jakob, Peter
: Reinecke, Holger (Referent); Glunz, Stefan W. (Referent); Nitz, Peter Markus (Betreuer)
2017Determination of the mesio-distal tooth width via 3D imaging techniques with and without ionizing radiation: CBCT, MSCT, and µCT versus MRI
Detterbeck, Andreas; Hofmeister, Michael; Haddad, Daniel; Weber, Daniel; Schmid, Matthias; Hölzing, Astrid; Zabler, Simon; Hofmann, Elisabeth; Hiller, Karl-Heinz; Jakob, Peter; Engel, Jems; Hiller, Jochen; Hirschfelder, Ursula
Journal Article
2016MRI vs. CT for orthodontic applications: Comparison of two MRI protocols and three CT (multislice, cone-beam, industrial) technologies
Detterbeck, Andreas; Weber, Daniel; Haddad, Daniel; Hoelzing, Astrid; Zabler, Simon; Hofmeister, Michael; Hoffmann, Elisabeth; Hiller, Jochen; Engel, Jens; Hiller, Karl-Heinz; Jakob, Peter; Hirschfelder, Ursula
Journal Article
2015Noninvasive quantification of airway inflammation following segmental allergen challenge with functional MR imaging: A proof of concept study
Renne, Julius; Hinrichs, Jan; Schönfeld, Christian; Gutberlet, Marcel; Winkler, Carla; Faulenbach, Cornelia; Jakob, Peter; Schaumann, Frank; Krug, Norbert; Wacker, Frank; Hohlfeld, Jens M.; Vogel-Claussen, Jens
Journal Article