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2015Spatially resolved study of polarized micro-photoluminescence spectroscopy on single GaAs nanowires with mixed zincblende and wurtzite phases
Mukherjee, A.; Ghosh, S.; Breuer, S.; Jahn, U.; Geelhaar, L.; Grahn, H.T.
Journal Article
2013Monitoring of photovoltaic systems: Good practices and systematic analysis
Woyte, A.; Richter, M.; Moser, D.; Mau, S.; Reich, N.; Jahn, U.
Conference Paper
2012MicroScout - an assistance system for histological analysis in forensics
Jahn, U. von; Ernst, Heinrich; Matthies, H.K.; Albrecht, U.V.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
1988Investigation of polycristalline Si-sheets by EBIC, electron channeling pattern -ECP- technique and etching methods
Jahn, U.; Hurrle, A.; Lutz, F.
Conference Paper