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2016Design and evaluation of a distributed consensus framework for safety related applications in vehicular ad-hoc NETworks (VANETs)
Shah, Jay
: Jacobsen, Hans-Arno (Supervisor); Jergler, Martin (Advisor); Roscher, Karsten (Advisor)
Master Thesis
2010High-rate sputtering of thick PZT thin films for MEMS
Jacobsen, H.; Prume, K.; Wagner, B.; Ortner, K.; Jung, T.
Journal Article
2010Innovationsstrategien jenseits traditionellen Managements
: Jacobsen, Heike (Hrsg.); Schallock, Burkhard (Hrsg.)
Conference Proceedings
2008Deposition of functional PZT films as actuators in MEMS devices by high rate sputtering
Quenzer, H.-J.; Dudde, R.; Jacobsen, H.; Wagner, B.; Föll, H.
Conference Paper
2007Development of a piezoelectric lead titanate thin film process on silicon substrates by high rate gas flow sputtering
Jacobsen, H.; Jung, T.; Ortner, K.; Schiffmann, K.I.; Quenzer, H.-J.; Wagner, B.
Journal Article
2007Influence of bias voltage on the structure of lead zirconate titanate piezoelectric films prepared by gas flow sputtering
Ortner, K.; Koeßler, D.; Jung, T.; Jacobsen, H.; Quenzer, H.-J.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2007Integration von piezoelektrischen Dünnschichten in einen MEMS kompatiblen Prozessablauf auf Waferebene
Jacobsen, H.
2007Thick PZT layers deposited by gas flow sputtering
Jacobsen, H.; Quenzer, H.-J.; Wagner, B.; Ortner, K.; Jung, T.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2006High-rate sputtering of thick PZT layers for MEMS actuators
Jacobsen, H.; Quenzer, H.-J.; Wagner, B.; Ortner, K.; Jung, T.
Conference Paper
2004Characterisation of oxide-CMP slurries with fumed-silica abrasive particles modified by wet-jet miling
Zwicker, G.; Jacobsen, H.; Lortz, W.; Stachowiak, E.; Brandes, R.
Conference Paper
2004Metrological assessment of the coefficient of friction of various types of silica using the motor current during ILD-CMP
Jacobsen, H.; Stachowiak, E.; Zwicker, G.; Lortz, W.; Brandes, R.
Conference Paper
2003Evaluierung von Slurries in einem CMP Prozess
Jacobsen, H.