Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Graph based discovery in biomedical information systems connecting scientific texts with structured expert knowledge
Dörpinghaus, J.; Jacobs, M.; Fluck, J.
Conference Paper
2018SCAIView - A semantic search engine for biomedical research utilizing a microservice architecture
Dörpinghaus, J.; Klein, J.; Darms, J.; Madan, S.; Jacobs, M.
Conference Paper
2018SDA: Towards a novel knowledge discovery model for information systems
Jacobs, M.; Hodapp, S.; Dörpinghaus, J.
Conference Paper
2018Soft document clustering using a novel graph covering approach
Dörpinghaus, J.; Schaaf, S.; Jacobs, M.
Journal Article
2017Document clustering using a graph covering with pseudostable sets
Dörpinghaus, Jens; Schaaf, Sebastian; Fluck, Juliane; Jacobs, Marc
Conference Paper
1995RITA - registry of industrial toxicology animal-data (1995). Guides for organ sampling and trimming procedures in rats
Bahnemann, R.; Jacobs, M.; Karbe, E.; Kaufmann, W.; Morawietz, G.; Nolte, T.; Rittinghausen, S.
Journal Article