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2019NanoElectronics roadmap for Europe: From nanodevices and innovative materials to system integration
Ahopelto, J.; Ardila, G.; Baldi, L.; Balestra, F.; Belot, D.; Fagas, G.; Gendt, S. de; Demarchi, D.; Fernandez-Bolaños, M.; Holden, D.; Ionescu, A.M.; Meneghesso, G.; Mocuta, A.; Pfeffer, M.; Popp, R.M.; Sangiorgi, E.; Sotomayor Torres, C.M.
Journal Article
20163D TSV based high frequency components for RF IC and RF MEMS applications
Fernandez-Bolanos, M.; Vitale, W.A.; López, M.M.; Ionescu, A.M.; Klumpp, A.; Merkel, R.; Weber, J.; Ramm, P.; Ocket, I.; Raedt, W. de; Enayati, A.
Conference Paper
2015Fine pitch 3D-TSV based high frequency components of RF MEMS applications
Vitale, W.A.; Fernandez-Bolanos, M.; Merkel, R.; Enayati, A.; Ocker, I.; Raedt, W. de; Weber, J.; Ramm, P.; Ionescu, A.M.
Conference Paper
2015Ultra fine-pitch TSV technology for ultra-dense high-Q RF inductors
Vitale, W.A.; Fernandez-Bolanos, M.; Klumpp, A.; Weber, J.; Ramm, P.; Ionescu, A.M.
Conference Paper
2009Highly tunable band-stop filters based on AlN RF MEM capacitive switches with inductive arms and zipping capacitive coupling
Fernandez-Bolanos, M.; Lisec, T.; Dehollain, C.; Tsamados, D.; Nicole, P.; Ionescu, A.M.
Conference Paper
2008Thermally stable distributed MEMS phase shifter for airborne and space applications
Fernandez-Bolanos, M.; Lisec, T.; Dainesi, P.; Ionescu, A.M.
Conference Paper