Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Pressure and Temperature Dependency of ADN-based Solid Rocket Propellants
Imiolek, Andreas; Becker, Wolfgang; Weiser, Volker; Bieroth, Diana
Conference Paper
2018Burning behaviour of ADN solid propellants in comparison to other oxidizers
Imiolek, Andreas; Weiser, Volker; Locatelli, Francesco; Tagliabue, Claudio; Gettwert, Volker; Bieroth, Diana
Conference Paper
2017Combustion Behavior of a Metallized ADN/GAP Propellant as a Function of the Aluminum Content and the Binder/Oxidizer Ratio
Imiolek, Andreas; Weiser, Volker; Tagliabue, C.; Gettwert, Volker
Conference Paper
2017Investigation of extinguished ADN/HTPB propellants with a special focus on sub-surface reactions
Weiser, Volker; Christilli, F.; Gettwert, Volker; Imiolek, Andreas; Kröber, Hartmut; Tagliabue, C.
Conference Paper
2016Burning behavior of AN/ADN propellants
Tagliabue, C.; Weiser, Volker; Imiolek, Andreas; Bohn, Manfred A.; Heintz, Thomas; Gettwert, Volker
Conference Paper
2016Green liquid propellant oxidizers basing on solutions of ADN and an in commercial hydrogen peroxide for hypergolic propellants
Weiser, Volker; Hürttlen, Jürgen; Schaller, Uwe; Imiolek, Andreas; Lity, André; Kelzenberg, Stefan
Conference Paper
2016In-situ Characterization of Curing Reaction of GAP and Isocyanates by Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Imiolek, Andreas; Becker, Wolfgang; Sachsenheimer, K.; Weiser, Volker
Conference Paper
2016Influence of aging on the burning behavior of ferrocene-type catalyzed composite rocket propellants
Imiolek, Andreas; Bohn, Manfred A.; Weiser, Volker; Seyidoglu, Tijen
Conference Paper
2015Self-propagating combustion synthesis of nanostructured particles
Imiolek, Andreas; Weiser, Volker; Kelzenberg, Stefan; Roth, Evelin; Lity, André
Conference Paper