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201220% RES by 2020 - scenarios on future European policies for RES(-E)
Resch, Gustav; Panzer, Christian; Ortner, Andre; Ragwitz, Mario; Steinhilber, Simone; Klessmann, Corinna; Junginger, Martin; Hoefnagels, Ric; Faber, Thomas; Huber, Claus
2007Lessons learned from recent promotion strategies for electricity from renewables
Haas, Reinhard; Resch, Gustav; Faber, Thomas; Huber, Claus; Held, Anne; Ragwitz, Mario
Conference Paper
2007Supporting renewable electricity in europe - An assessment of future policy options
Resch, Gustav; Ragwitz, Mario; Faber, Thomas; Haas, Reinhard; Huber, Claus
Conference Paper
2006Special issue: Status Quo and the Future of Renewable Energies in Europe
: Ragwitz, Mario (Ed.); Huber, Claus (Ed.)
Journal Issue