Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Analytical Model for Prediction of Residual Stress in Dynamic Orthogonal Cutting Process
Huang, X.-D.; Zhang, X.-M.; Leopold, J.; Ding, H.
Journal Article
2018Polyformamidine‐Derived Non‐Noble Metal Electrocatalysts for Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Pardo Pérez, L.C.; Sahraie, N.R.; Melke, J.; Elsässer, P.; Teschner, D.; Huang, X.; Kraehnert, R.; White, R.J.; Enthaler, S.; Strasser, P.; Fischer, A.
Journal Article
2017Effects of Sequential Cuts on White Layer Formation and Retained Austenite Content in Hard Turning of AISI52100 Steel
Zhang, X.-M.; Huang, X.-D.; Chen, L.; Leopold, J.; Ding, H.
Journal Article
2013Indicative Support Vector Clustering with its Application on Anomaly Detection
Huang, Xiao; Eckert, Claudia
Conference Paper
2012Selective and visible-light-driven profenofos sensing with calixarene receptors on TiO2 nanotube film electrodes
Shi, H.; Zhao, G.; Cao, T.; Liu, M.; Guan, C.; Huang, X.; Zhu, Z.; Yang, N.; Williams, O.A.
Journal Article
2009Role of impurities in the sintering behavior and properties of lead zirconate titanate ceramics
Huang, X.L.; Raether, F.
Journal Article
2009Sintering kinetics and properties of highly pure lead zirconate titanate ceramics
Huang, X.
2008Effect of small amounts of impurities from raw materials on the sintering behavior of highly pure PZT ceramics
Huang, X.L.; Raether, F.
Conference Paper
1995APPT '95, International Workshop on Advanced Parallel Processing Technologies. Proceedings
: Yu, C.X.; Großpietsch, K.-E.; Cheng, J.L.; Ding, J.Z.; Hofestadt, R.; Huang, X.D.; Luo, S.W.; Zheng, W.M.
Conference Proceedings