Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Digitaler Zwilling eines servohydraulischen Prüfstands zur Durchführung virtueller Prüfungen an mechatronischen Wankstabilisatoren
Landersheim, Volker; Fischer, Felix; Möller, Ricardo; Huang, Ha; Awad, Hasan
Conference Paper
2015Extracting and comparing places using geo-social media
Ostermann, F.O.; Huang, H.; Andrienko, G.; Andrienko, N.; Capineri, C.; Farkas, K.; Purves, R.S.
Conference Paper
2014Limited correlation between conventional pathologist and automatic computer-assisted quantification of hepatic steatosis due to difference between event-based and surface-based analysis
Deng, M.H.; Dahmen, U.; Sun, J.; Huang, H.; Sehestedt, C.; Homeyer, A.; Schenk, A.; Dirsch, O.
Journal Article
2013Convoy tracking in doppler blind zone regions using GMTI radar
Huang, Hong An Jack; Yang, Rong; Foo, Pek Hui; Ng, Gee Wah; Mertens, M.; Ulmke, M.; Koch, W.
Conference Paper
2012A comparison of sampling strategies for histological image analysis
Homeyer, A.; Schenk, A.; Dahmen, U.; Dirsch, O.; Huang, H.; Hahn, H.K.
Journal Article
2011Structural relaxation in the singlet excited state of star-shaped oligofluorenes having a truxene or isotruxene as a core
Fujitsuka, M.; Cho, D.W.; Huang, H.H.; Yang, J.S.; Majima, T.
Journal Article
2010A new robust transmission technique for the multiuser MIMO downlink
Wunder, G.; Schreck, J.; Jung, J.; Huang, H.; Valenzuela, A.
Conference Paper
2010Rate approximation: A new paradigm for multiuser MIMO downlink communications
Wunder, G.; Schreck, J.; Jung, P.; Huang, H.; Valenzuela, A.
Conference Paper
2004MPEG-4 scalable to lossless coding
Yu, R.; Geiger, R.; Rahardja, S.; Herre, J.; Lin, X.; Huang, H.
Conference Paper