Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Detektion von epileptischen Anfällen unter Verwendung von EKG und PPG Daten
Fiege, Eric
: Howar, Falk; Meister, Sven
Master Thesis
2018Active automata learning in practice: An annotated bibliography of the years 2011 to 2016
Howar, Falk; Steffen, Bernhard
Conference Paper
2018Automated generation of requirements-based test cases for an adaptive cruise control system
Aniculaesei, Adina; Howar, Falk; Denecke, Peer; Rausch, Andreas
Conference Paper
2018Automatische Detektion von tonisch-klonischen Anfällen mit Hilfe von SVM und kNN auf Basis in EPItect gewonnener Beschleunigungsdaten
Dulich, Pascal
: Howar, Falk; Meister, Sven
Bachelor Thesis
2018Checking consistency of real-time requirements on distributed automotive control software early in the development process using UPPAAL
Toennemann, Jan; Rausch, Andreas; Howar, Falk; Cool, Benjamin
Conference Paper
2018Digital Transformation Trends: Industry 4.0, Automation, and AI
Hessenkämper, Axel; Howar, Falk; Rausch, Andreas
Conference Paper
2018Extending automata learning to extended finite state machines
Cassel, Sofia; Howar, Falk; Jonsson, Bengt; Steffen, Bernhard
Conference Paper
2018Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems. 23rd International Conference, FMICS 2018
: Howar, Falk; Barnat, Jiri
Conference Proceedings
2018Generating component interfaces by integrating static and symbolic analysis, learning, and runtime monitoring
Howar, Falk; Giannakopoulou, Dimitra; Mues, Malte; Navas, Jorge
Conference Paper
2018RERS 2018: CTL, LTL, and reachability
Jasper, Marc; Mues, Malte; Schlüter, Maximilian; Steffen, Bernhard; Howar, Falk
Conference Paper
2018Study of integrating random and symbolic testing for object-oriented software
Dimjasevic, Marko; Howar, Falk; Luckow, Kapser; Rakamaric, Zvonimir
Conference Paper