Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2011Climate change and media usage: Effects on problem awareness and behavioural intentions
Arlt, D.; Hoppe, I.; Wolling, J.
Journal Article
2010Living machinery - advantages of Webble technologies for teaching and learning
Fujima, J.; Hawlitschek, A.; Hoppe, I.
Conference Paper
2010The need for special games for gamers with special needs
Hofmann, A.; Hoppe, I.; Jantke, K.P.
Conference Paper
2010Time to Play Gorge - Time to Learn AI
Jantke, K.; Hoppe, I.; Lengyel, D.; Neumann, A.
Conference Paper
2009Evaluation Needs of Webble Technologies in an E-Learning Laboratory Case Study
Fujima, J.; Hoppe, I.; Jantke, K.P.
Conference Paper
2009Knowledge games & knowledge engineering
Jantke, K.P.; Gaudl, S.; Hawlitschek, A.; Hoppe, I.; Lengyel, D.
Conference Paper
2008Entertaining iTV applications for local communities
Kreuzberger, G.; Hoppe, I.; Dunker, P.
Conference Paper
2008Filmische DigiTales - die Zukunft dokumentarischer Filmformate
Hoppe, I.
Conference Paper
2008Teaching the Design of iTV Applications
Hoppe, I.; Kreuzberger, G.
Conference Paper