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2019Channel measurement campaigns for wireless industrial automation
Düngen, M.; Hansen, T.; Croonenbroeck, R.; Kays, R.; Holfeld, B.; Wieruch, D.; Berenguer, P.W.; Jungnickel, V.; Block, D.; Meier, U.; Schulze, H.
Journal Article
2018Cellular communication network using a user equipment identifier
Bernhard, Josef; Fehrenbach, Thomas; Garrido Cavalcante, Renato Luis; Holfeld, Bernd; Kasparick, Martin; Kilian, Gerd; Sackenreuter, Benjamin; Wieruch, Dennis
2018Professional Live Audio Production
Pilz, J.; Holfeld, B.; Schmidt, A.; Septinus, K.
Journal Article
2018Software-defined networking in an industrial multi-radio access technology environment
Engelhard, Patrick; Holfeld, Bernd; Schulz-Zander, Julius; Oberle, Michael
Conference Paper
2017A coordination architecture for wireless industrial automation
Aktas, I.; Ansari, J.; Auroux, S.; Parruca, D.; Guirao, M.D.P.; Holfeld, B.
Conference Paper
2017From radio design to system evaluations for ultra-reliable and low-latency communication
Ashraf, S.A.; Wang, Y.-P.E.; Eldessoki, S.; Holfeld, B.; Parruca, D.; Serror, M.; Gross, J.
Conference Paper
20165G new radio and ultra low latency applications: A PHY implementation perspective
Wirth, T.; Mehlhose, M.; Pilz, J.; Holfeld, B.; Wieruch, D.
Conference Paper
2016Coordinated medium access in wireless industrial D2D networks: Fast handshake procedures based on stable matching variants
Holfeld, B.; Wirth, T.
Conference Paper
2016On stable many-to-many matching for distributed medium access with reuse of spectral resources
Holfeld, Bernd; Jorswieck, Eduard
Conference Paper
2016Radio channel characterization at 5.85 GHz for wireless M2M communication of industrial robots
Holfeld, Bernd; Wieruch, Dennis; Raschkowski, Leszek; Wirth, Thomas; Pallasch, Christoph; Herfs, Werner; Brecher, Christian
Conference Paper
2016Real-time demonstration of optimized spectrum usage with LSA carrier aggregation
Wirth, T.; Wieruch, D.; Holfeld, B.; Mehlhose, M.; Pilz, J.; Haustein, T.; Halfmann, R.; Friederichs, K.-J.
Journal Article
2016A Tactile Internet demonstration: 1ms ultra low delay for wireless communications towards 5G
Pilz, J.; Mehlhose, M.; Wirth, T.; Wieruch, D.; Holfeld, B.; Haustein, T.
Conference Paper
2016Wireless Communication for Factory Automation: An opportunity for LTE and 5G systems
Holfeld, B.; Wieruch, D.; Wirth, T.; Thiele, L.; Ashraf, S.A.; Huschke, J.; Aktas, I.; Ansari, J.
Journal Article
2016Wireless factory automation: Radio channel evolution in repeated manufacturing processes
Wieruch, Dennis; Holfeld, Bernd; Wirth, Thomas
Conference Paper
2015An advanced hardware platform to verify 5G wireless communication concepts
Wirth, T.; Mehlhose, M.; Pilz, J.; Lindstedt, R.; Wieruch, D.; Holfeld, B.; Haustein, T.
Conference Paper
2015Distributed Channel Assignment in Cognitive Radio Networks: Stable Matching and Walrasian Equilibrium
Mochaourab, R.; Holfeld, B.; Wirth, T.
Journal Article
2015Resource sharing with minimum QoS requirements for D2D links underlaying cellular networks
Holfeld, B.; Jaeuthe, T.; Wirth, T.
Conference Paper
2015Smart Grid Communications: LTE outdoor field trials at 450 MHz
Holfeld, B.; Jaeckel, S.; Thiele, L.; Wirth, T.; Scheppelmann, K.
Conference Paper
2014Joint multicell subchannel assignment with interference control and resource fairness in multiband OFDMA cellular networks
Holfeld, B.; Relitz, A.; Wirth, T.; Jorswieck, E.
Conference Paper
2014System level performance of cellular networks utilizing ASA/LSA mechanisms
Wirth, T.; Holfeld, B.; Wieruch, D.; Halfmann, R.; Friederichs, K.-J.
Conference Paper
2013SAFARI: Scalable architecture for advanced radio infrastructures. Abschlussbericht
Wieruch, D.; Holfeld, B.; Wirth, T.
2013Stable Matching for Adaptive Cross-Layer Scheduling in the LTE Downlink
Holfeld, B.; Mochaourab, R.; Wirth, T.
Conference Paper
2013System-level performance of the MIMO-OFDM downlink with dense small cell overlays
Wirth, T.; Holfeld, B.
Conference Paper
2012Advanced downlink LTE radio resource management for HTTP-streaming
Wirth, Thomas; Sánchez, Yago; Holfeld, Bernd; Schierl, Thomas
Conference Paper