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2010Influence of meso-scale analysis parameters of cross-linked polymers on final simulation results
Tesarski, S.J.; Holck, O.; Platek, B.T.; Wymyslowski, A.
Conference Paper
2009Molecular dynamics simulation and mechanical characterisation for the establishment of structure-property correlations for epoxy resins in microelectronics packaging applications
Wunderle, B.; Dermitzaki, E.; Holck, O.; Bauer, J.; Walter, H.; Shaik, Q.; Ratzke, K.; Faupel, F.; Michel, B.
Conference Paper
2003Solar collector design with respect to moisture problems
Holck, O.; Svendsen, S.; Brunold, S.; Frei, U.; Köhl, M.; Heck, M.; Oversloot, H.
Journal Article
2000Materials in solar thermal collectors
Köhl, M.; Heck, M.; Möller, K.; Carlsson, B.; Brunold, S.; Frei, U.; Holck, O.
Conference Paper