Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Human-Machine Interactions for on the Fly Free Text Input Processing
Dyck, Sergius; Hoffmann, Almuth
Conference Paper
2020Distributed Data and Information Management for Crisis Forecasting and Management
Essendorfer, Barbara; Sander, Jennifer; Nistor, Marian Sorin; Hoffmann, Almuth; Pickl, Stefan
Conference Paper
2019Towards information extraction and semantic world modelling to support information management and intelligence creation in defense coalitions
Hoffmann, Almuth; Kuwertz, Achim; Sander, Jennifer
Conference Paper
2018Integrating coalition shared data in a system architecture for high level information management
Essendorfer, Barbara; Hoffmann, Almuth; Sander, Jennifer; Kuwertz, Achim
Conference Paper
2016Sensor zum Erfassen einer Flussigkeit in einem Fluidkanal
Hoffmann, Almuth; Bassler, Michael; Potje-Kamloth, Karin; Welzel, Knut; Besold, Matthias
2014A robust electrical sensor for contactless control of moving plugs in microfluidic systems with high accuracy
Hoffmann, Almuth; Potje-Kamloth, Karin; Hardt, Steffen; Baßler, Michael
Conference Paper