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2017Wear performance of diamond coated WC-Co tools with a CrN interlayer
Chandran, M.; Sammler, F.; Uhlmann, E.; Akhvlediani, R.; Hoffman, A.
Journal Article
2014Intra- and interlaboratory reliability of a cryopreserved trout hepatocyte assay for the prediction of chemical bioaccumulation potential
Fay, K.A.; Mingoia, R.T.; Goeritz, I.; Nabb, D.L.; Hoffman, A.D.; Ferrell, B.D.; Peterson, H.M.; Nichols, J.W.; Segner, H.; Han, X.
Journal Article
2010Bulk and surface thermal stability of ultra nanocrystalline diamond films with 10-30 nm grain size prepared by chemical vapor deposition
Michaelson, S.; Stacey, A.; Orwa, J.; Cimmino, A.; Prawer, S.; Cowie, B.C.C.; Williams, O.A.; Gruen, D.M.; Hoffman, A.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2007Surface roughness evolution and growth mechanism of carbon films from hyperthermal species
Lifshitz, Y.; Edrei, R.; Hoffman, A.; Grossman, E.; Lempert, G.D.; Berthold, J.; Schultrich, B.; Jäger, H.-U.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2006Case study : Derivation of U2TP and TTCN-3 models from UML2 system models
Chaparadza, R.; Busch, M.; Dai, Z.R.; Hoffman, A.; Lacmene, L.; Ngwangwen, T.; Ndem, G.C.; Serbanescu, D.; Schieferdecker, I.; Zander-Nowicka, J.
Conference Paper
1997Optical and photoemission studies of DLC films prepared with a systematic variation of the sp3: sp2 composition
Lifshitz, Y.; Lempert, G.D.; Grossman, E.; Scheibe, H.J.; Völlmar, S.; Schultrich, B.; Breskin, A.; Chechik, R.; Shefer, E.; Bacon, D.; Kalish, R.; Hoffman, A.
Journal Article