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2002Corrugated neat thin-film conjugated polymer distributed-feedback lasers
Holzer, W.; Penzkofer, A.; Pertsch, A.; Danz, N.; Bräuer, A.; Kley, E.B.; Tillmann, H.; Bader, C.; Hörhold, H.-H.
Journal Article
1999Application of the polyconjugated main chain polymer DPOP-PPV for ultrafast all-optical switching in a nonlinear directional coupler
Gabler, T.; Bräuer, A.; Hörhold, H.-H.; Pertsch, T.; Stockmann, R.
Journal Article
1999Charge injection and trapping effects in DPOP-PPV polymer films
Michelotti, F.; Taggi, V.; Bertolotti M.; Gabler, T.; Hörhold, H.-H.; Bräuer, A.
Journal Article
1998Low loss waveguides and waveguide elements in chi(3)-polymers
Bräuer, A.; Pertsch, T.; Gabler, T.; Hörhold, H.
Conference Paper
1998Nonresonant n2 and TPA coefficient measurement in polymer waveguides by different measurement techniques
Gabler, T.; Bräuer, A.; Waldhäusl, R.; Bartuch, U.; Hörhold, H.; Michelotti, F.
Journal Article
1998Reflection electro-optical measurements on electroluminescent polymer films. A good tool for investigating charge injection and space charge effects
Michelotti, F.; Taggi, V.; Bertolotti, M.; Gabler, T.; Hörhold, H.; Bräuer, A.
Journal Article
1997Experimental investigations and numerical simulations of spatial solitons in planar polymer waveguides
Bartuch, U.; Peschel, U.; Gabler, T.; Waldhäusl, R.; Hörhold, H.-H.
Journal Article
1997Nonresonant n2 and two-photon-absorption dispersion measurements of DPOP-PPV and DP-PPV/DP-PFV polymer strip waveguides
Gabler, T.; Waldhäusl, R.; Bräuer, A.; Bartuch, U.; Stockmann, R.; Hörhold, H.
Journal Article
1997Spectral broadening measurements in poly (phenylene vinylene) polymer channel waveguides
Gabler, T.; Waldhäusl, R.; Bräuer, A.; Hörhold, H.-H.; Bartuch, U.
Journal Article