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2021Digitized assembly of complex optical systems
Tavakolian, Armin; Hoeren, Maximilian; Rojacher, Cornelia
2020Automated PM-fiber array assembly with high-precision four DOF alignment
Berger, M.; Alippi, A.; Haag, S.; Hoeren, M.; Müller, T.; Zontar, D.; Brecher, C.
Conference Paper
2020Automated sensor-guided packaging of diamond tools
Ehret, S.; Saunders, G.D.; Hillmer, N.; Müller, T.; Hoeren, M.; Zontar, D.; Brecher, C.
Conference Paper
2020Evaluation of Industry 4.0 Data formats for Digital Twin of Optical Components
Schmetz, Arno; Lee, Tae Hun; Hoeren, Maximilian; Berger, Marvin; Ehret, Susanne; Zontar, Daniel; Min, Soo-Hong; Ahn, Sung-Hoon; Brecher, Christian
Journal Article
2020High precision automated tab assembly with micro optics for optimized high-power diode laser collimation
Forrer, M.; Strub, H.; Honig, T.; Koller, N.; Kunz, A.; Moser, H.; Brecher, C.; Hoeren, M.; Zontar, D.
Conference Paper
2020OCT measurement of aspheric polymer lenses for adaptive assembly of micro optical imaging objectives
Riediger, M.; Berger, M.; Hoeren, M.; König, N.; Zontar, D.; Brecher, C.; Schmitt, R.
Conference Paper
2020Offline development of active alignment based on empirical virtual environments
Zontar, D.; Tavakolian, A.; Hoeren, M.; Brecher, C.
Conference Paper
2020Performance comparison between model-based and machine learning approaches for the automated active alignment of FAC-lenses
Hoeren, M.; Zontar, D.; Tavakolian, A.; Berger, M.; Ehret, S.; Mussagaliyev, T.; Brecher, C.
Conference Paper
2019Automated sprue removal from injection moulded micro-optics with ultrasonic cutting
Berger, Marvin; Hoeren, Maximilian; Sauer, Sebastian; Müller, Tobias; Zontar, Daniel; Brecher, Christian
Conference Paper
2019Offline development of active-alignment-algorithms by efficient interpolation of discrete databases
Hoeren, Maximilian; Zontar, Daniel; Sauer, Sebastian; Schmetz, Arno; Berger, Marvin; Müller, Tobias; Brecher, Christian
Conference Paper