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2016Effects of sublattice symmetry and frustration on ionic transport in garnet solid electrolytes
Kozinsky, B.; Akhade, S.A.; Hirel, P.; Hashibon, A.; Elsässer, C.; Mehta, P.; Logeat, A.; Eisele, U.
Journal Article
2015Theoretical and experimental study of the core structure and mobility of dislocations and their influence on the ferroelectric polarization in perovskite KNbO3
Hirel, P.; Mark, A.F.; Castillo-Rodriguez, M.; Sigle, W.; Mrovec, M.; Elsässer, C.
Journal Article
2012Atomistic simulation study of 110 dislocations in strontium titanate
Hirel, P.; Mrovec, M.; Elsässer, C.
Journal Article
2010Elastic limit for surface step dislocation nucleation in face-centered cubic metals: Temperature and step height dependence
Brochard, S.; Hirel, P.; Pizzagalli, L.; Godet, J.
Journal Article
2010Theoretical investigation of {110} generalized stacking faults and their relation to dislocation behavior in perovskite oxides
Hirel, P.; Marton, P.; Mrovec, M.; Elsässer, C.
Journal Article