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1995Ras-dependent and -independent pathways target the mitogen-activated protein kinase network in macrophages
Büscher, D.; Hipskind, R.A.; Krautwald, S.; Reimann, T.; Baccarini, M.
Journal Article
1994A factor induced by differentiation signals in cells of the macrophage lineage binds to the gamma interferon activation site
Eilers, A.; Baccarini, M.; Horn, F.; Hipskind, R.A.; Schindler, C.; Decker, T.
Journal Article
1994Lipopolysaccharide induces activation of the Raf-1/MAP kinase pathway. A putative role for Raf-1 in the induction of the IL-1 beta and the TNF-alpha genes
Reimann, T.; Büscher, D.; Hipskind, R.A.; Krautwald, S.; Lohmann-Matthes, M.-L.; Baccarini, M.
Journal Article
1993V-raf confers CSF-1 independent growth to a macrophage cell line and leads to immediate early gene expression without MAP-Kinase activation
Büscher, D.; Dello Sbarba, P.; Hipskind, R.A.; Rapp, U.R.; Stanley, E.R.; Baccarini, M.
Journal Article