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2017Functionalization of gold and graphene electrodes by p-maleimido-phenyl towards thiol-sensing systems investigated by EQCM and IR ellipsometric spectroscopy
Neubert, T.J.; Rösicke, F.; Sun, G.; Janietz, S.; Gluba, M.A.; Hinrichs, K.; Nickel, N.H.; Rappich, J.
Journal Article
2017Responsive polymer-electrode interface - study of its thermo- and pH-sensitivity and the influence of peptide coupling
Fandrich, A.; Buller, J.; Memczak, H.; Stöcklein, W.; Hinrichs, K.; Wischerhoff, E.; Schulz, B.; Laschewsky, A.; Lisdat, F.
Journal Article
2016Electrochemical functionalization of Au by aminobenzene and 2-aminotoluene
Rösicke, F.; Sun, G.; Neubert, T.; Janietz, S.; Hinrichs, K.; Rappich, J.
Journal Article
2014Influence of the para-substitutent of benzene diazonium salts and the solvent on the film growth during electrochemical reduction
Zhang, X.; Rösicke, F.; Syritski, V.; Sun, G.; Reut, J.; Hinrichs, K.; Janietz, S.; Rappich, J.
Journal Article
2013Optical activity in sub-wavelength metallic grids and fishnet metamaterials in the conical mount
Oates, Thomas W.H.; Dastmalchi, Babak; Helgert, Christian; Reissmann, Lars; Huebner, Uwe; Kley, Ernst-Bernhard; Verschuuren, Marc A.; Bergmair, Iris; Pertsch, Thomas; Hingerl, Kurt; Hinrichs, Karsten
Journal Article
2010Infrared spectroscopic study of the amidation reaction of aminophenyl modified Au surfaces and p-nitrobenzoic acid as model system
Zhang, X.; Sun, G.; Hinrichs, K.; Janietz, S.; Rappich, J.
Journal Article
2010A new strategy for the preparation of maleimide-functionalised gold surfaces
Zhang, X.; Sun, G.; Hovestädt, M.; Syritski, V.; Esser, N.; Volkmer, R.; Janietz, S.; Rappich, J.; Hinrichs, K.
Journal Article
2005Evaluation of migration models that might be used in support of regulations for food-contact plastics
Begley, T.; Castle, L.; Feigenbaum, A.; Franz, R.; Hinrichs, K.; Lickly, T.; Mercea, P.; Milana, M.; O'Brien, A.; Rebre, S.; Rijk, R.; Piringer, O.
Journal Article
2003Modelling migration from plastics into foodstuffs as a novel and cost efficient tool for estimation of consumer exposure from food contact materials
Franz, R.; Castle, L.; Cooper, I.; Paseiro, P.; Mandanis, A.; Piringer, O.; Simoneau, C.; Steiner, I.; Hinrichs, K.
Conference Paper