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2020The two-dimensional electron gas of the In₂O₃ surface: Enhanced thermopower, electrical transport properties, and its reduction by adsorbates or compensating acceptor doping
Papadogianni, Alexandra; Rombach, Julius; Berthold, Theresa; Polyakov, Vladimir M.; Krischok, Stefan; Himmerlich, Marcel; Bierwagen, Oliver
2017Adsorption and desorption of hydrogen at nonpolar GaN(1¯100) surfaces: Kinetics and impact on surface vibrational and electronic properties
Lymperakis, Liverios; Neugebauer, Jörg; Himmerlich, Marcel; Krischok, Stefan; Rink, Michael; Kröger, Jörg; Polyakov, Vladimir
Journal Article
2017Anisotropic optical constants, birefringence, and dichroism of wurtzite GaN between 0.6 eV and 6 eV
Shokhovets, Sviatoslav; Kirste, Lutz; Leach, Jacob H.; Krischok, S.; Himmerlich, Marcel
Journal Article