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2016COSIVU - Compact, smart and reliable drive unit for fully electric vehicles
Andersson, D.R.; Brinkfeldt, K.; Nord, S.; Ottosson, J.; Lampic, G.; Gotovac, G.; Zschieschang, O.; Baumgartel, H.; Brusius, M.; Kaulfersch, E.; Hilpert, F.; Otto, A.; Frankeser, S.
Conference Paper
2016Reliability assessment of a smart and compact inverter developed for electrically powered construction vehicles
Otto, A.; Gadhiya, G.; Rzepka, S.; Kaulfersch, E.; Hilpert, F.; Brabandt, I.
Conference Paper
2014Modular integration of a 1200 V SiC inverter in a commercial vehicle wheel-hub drivetrain
Hilpert, F.; Brinkfeldt, K.; Arenz, S.
Conference Paper