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2013Non-invasive quality control for production processes of artificial skin equivalents by optical coherence tomography
Marx, Ulrich; Pickert, Diana; Heymer, Andrea; Schmitt, Robert
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2012Diagnostic platform for automated personalized chemosensitive assays
Heymer, Andrea; Siegert, Caroline; Schork, Evelyn; Steiner, Christof; Reis, Christian
2012Modular diagnostic platform for automated personalized chemosensitivity assays
Siegert, Caroline; Heymer, Andrea; Schork, Evelyn; Steiner, Christof; Reis, Christian
2012The open source concept - shaping the future of animal-free tests
Heymer, Andrea; Schober, Lena; Walter, Moriz; Traube, Andreas; Brode, Tobias; Drescher, Toni; Fischer, Anja; Reisinger, Kerstin; Petersohn, Dirk; Mewes, Karsten R.
Conference Paper