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20171-bit signaling feedback to configure or change the settings of a communication system
Efimushkina, Tatiana; Göktepe, Baris; Haustein, Thomas; Hellge, Cornelius; Ibrahim, Shady; Kurras, Martin; Sanchez, Yago; Schierl, Thomas; Thiele, Lars; Wirth, Tom
2017Data signal transmission in a wireless communication system with reduced end-to-end latency
Hellge, Cornelius; Haustein, Thomas; Schierl, Thomas; Efimushkina, Tatiana; Thiele, Lars
2013Application layer FEC with long time interleaver and fast tune-in for mobile satellite TV services
Pullano, Valentina; Hellge, Cornelius; Hensel, Manuel; Corazza, Giovanni E.; Schierl, Thomas
Conference Paper
2013Combinatorial method of performance calculation in Gilbert-Elliott channels
Hensel, Manuel; Hellge, Cornelius; Schierl, Thomas
Conference Paper