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2014Interfacing of ice load simulation tools for cylindrical and conical structure with OneWind simulation tool for offshore wind turbines
Jussila, V.; Popko, W.; Heinonen, J.
Conference Paper
2012State-of-the-art comparison of standards in terms of dominant sea ice loads for offshore wind turbine support structures in the Baltic sea
Popko, W.; Heinonen, J.; Hetmanczyk, S.; Vorpahl, F.
Conference Paper
2011Dynamic ice load model in overall simulation of offshore wind turbines
Hetmanczyk, S.; Heinonen, J.; Strobel, M.
Conference Paper
2011Introduction of ice loads in overall simulation of offshore wind turbines
Heinonen, J.; Hetmanczyk, S.; Strobel, M.
Conference Paper
2009An analysis of the stress state in a green part during ejection from the die
Heinonen, J.; Schmidt, I.
Conference Paper