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2016Patterned thermoresponsive microgel coatings for noninvasive processing of adherent cells
Uhlig, Katja; Wegener, Thomas; He, Jian; Zeiser, Michael; Bookhold, Johannes; Dewald, Inna; Godino, Neus; Jaeger, Magnus S.; Hellweg, Thomas; Fery, Andreas; Duschl, Claus
Journal Article
2016Siloxane D4 adsorption by mesoporous aluminosilicates
Jiang, T.; Zhong, W.; Jafari, T.; Du, S.; He, J.; Fu, Y.-J.; Singh, P.; Suib, S.L.
Journal Article
2012Fabrication and characterization of sub-500 nm channel organic field effect transistor using UV nanoimprint lithography with cheap Si-mold
Teng, L.; Kirchner, R.; Plötner, M.; Türke, A.; Jahn, A.; He, J.; Hagemann, F.; Fischer, W.-J.
Journal Article
2001Improvement in the load-bearing capacity and adhesion of TiC coatings on TiAl6V4 by duplex treatment
Kaestner, P.; Olfe, J.; He, J.W.; Rie, K.-T.
Journal Article