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2016Characterisation and electrochemical evaluation of plasma electrolytic oxidation coatings on magnesium with plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition post-treatments
Sun, M.; Yerokhin, A.; Matthews, A.; Thomas, M.; Laukart, A.; Hausen, M. von; Klages, C.-P.
Journal Article
2007Generation of stable coatings with carboxylic groups by copolymerization of MAA and VTMS using DBD at atmospheric pressure
Thomas, M.; Hausen, M. von; Klages, C.-P.; Baumhof, P.
Conference Paper
2007Surface technology with cold microplasmas
Klages, C.-P.; Hinze, A.; Lachmann, K.; Berger, C.; Borris, J.; Eichler, M.; Hausen, M. von; Zänker, A.; Thomas, M.
Conference Paper