Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Automatic Detection of Pain from Facial Expressions: A Survey
Hassan, T.; Seuß, D.; Wollenberg, J.; Weitz, K.; Kunz, M.; Lautenbacher, S.; Garbas, J.-U.; Schmid, U.
Journal Article
2021Automatic Estimation of Action Unit Intensities and Inference of Emotional Appraisals
Seuss, D.; Hassan, T.; Dieckmann, A.; Unfried, M.; Scherer, K.R.R.; Mortillaro, M.; Garbas, J.-U.
Journal Article
2020Machine Learning and End-to-End Deep Learning for Monitoring Driver Distractions From Physiological and Visual Signals
Gjoreski, M.; Gams, M.Ž.; Luštrek, M.; Genc, P.; Garbas, J.-U.; Hassan, T.
Journal Article
2019Analysis of Personality Dependent Differences in Pupillary Response and its Relation to Stress Recovery Ability
Genc, P.; Hassan, T.
Conference Paper
2019Emotion Expression from Different Angles: A Video Database for Facial Expressions of Actors Shot by a Camera Array
Seuss, D.; Dieckmann, A.; Hassan, T.; Garbas, J.-U.; Ellgring, J.H.; Mortillaro, M.; Scherer, K.
Conference Paper
2019Requirements for a Reference Dataset for Multimodal Human Stress Detection
Mahesh, B.; Prassler, E.; Hassan, T.; Garbas, J.U.
Conference Paper
2019Tief erlernte Gesichter von Schmerz und Emotionen: Aufklärung der Unterschiede von Gesichtsausdrücken mithilfe erklärbarer KI-Methoden
Weitz, K.; Hassan, T.; Schmid, U.; Garbas, J.-U.
Journal Article
2017Decision support tool for selection of best building retrofit action
Fouchal, Farid; Dimitriou, Vanda; Hassan, Tarek M.; Firth, Steven; Oraiopoulos, Argyris; Masior, Jonathan; Schimpf, Sven
Conference Paper
2017Determining facial parameters
Seuß, Dominik; Hassan, Teena Chakkalayil; Wollenberg, Johannes; Ernst, Andreas; Garbas, Jens-Uwe
2017Problems of video-based pain detection in patients with dementia: A road map to an interdisciplinary solution
Kunz, Miriam; Seuss, Dominik; Hassan, Teena; Garbas, Jens U.; Siebers, Michael; Schmid, Ute; Schöberl, Michael; Lautenbacher, Stefan
Journal Article
2016A practical approach to fuse shape and appearance information in a Gaussian facial action estimation framework
Hassan, Teena; Seuss, Dominik; Wollenberg, Johannes; Garbas, Jens; Schmid, Ute
Conference Paper
2015Collaborative environment for energy-efficient buildings at an early design stage
Bassanino, M.; Fernando, T.; Masior, Jonathan; Kadolsky, M.; Scherer, R.J.; Fouchal, F.; Hassan, T.M.; Firth, S.; Mäkeläinen, T.; Klobut, K.
Conference Paper
2015A new methodology for designing energy efficient buildings in neighbourhoods
Mäkeläinen, T.; Klobut, K.; Hannus, M.; Sepponen, M.; Fernando, T.; Bassanino, M.; Masior, Jonathan; Fouchal, F.; Hassan, T.M.; Firth, S.
Conference Paper
2012Multi-disciplinary strategic research agenda for ICT-enabled energy efficiency
: Ellis, Keith (Hrsg.); Hassan, Tarek (Hrsg.); Schulz, Felix (Mitarb.); Buchert, Tom (Mitarb.); Lindow, Kai (Mitarb.) et al.