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2021Sintering of conductive inks on plastic substrates by use of microwave furnaces being suitable for largescale production processes
Hartmann, Lutz; Sabban, Jakob; Behrendt, Felix; Tatai, Tiberiu-Mihai; Neermann, Simone; Franke, Jörg; Dreyer, Christian
Conference Paper
2016Robust surface patterning by parylene-reinforced breath figures
Galeotti, Francesco; Hartmann, Lutz; Botta, Chiara
Journal Article
2016Structural aspects and host effects of the chirality transfer by mesogenic substituted aminoalcohols
Bauer, Monika; Hartmann, Lutz; Krüger, Sophie; Kuschel, Frank; Weissflog, Wolfgang
Journal Article
2015Cure monitoring of infusion resins by broadband dielectric spectroscopy (BDS)
McHugh, Jarlath; Pithart, Cornelia; Stark, Wolfgang; Hartmann, Lutz
Conference Paper
2009Reflective bistable displays with remote control as indicating devices in aircrafts
Bauer, Monika; Kuschel, Frank; Hartmann, Lutz
Conference Paper