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2015Chemical and behavioral approaches in the elucidation of olfactory interactions between human mothers and newborns
Loos, Helene M.; Hartmann, Constanze; Doucet, Sebastien; Védrines, Fanny; Soussignan, Robert; Buettner, Andrea; Schaal, Benoist
2014Behavioral responses to mammalian blood odor and a blood odor component in four species of large carnivores
Nilsson, Sara; Sjöbert, Johanna; Amundin, Mats; Hartmann, Constanze; Buettner, Andrea; Laska, Matthias
Journal Article
2014Identification of odor-active substances in individual low-volume amniotic fluid samples by a sensorially targeted gas chromatographic-olfactometric approach
Hartmann, Constanze; Cupisti, Susanne; Dittrich, Ralf; Buettner, Andrea
Journal Article
2014Responsiveness of human neonates to the odor of 5-alpha-androst-16-en-3-one: A behavioral paradox?
Loos, Helene M.; Doucet, Sebastien; Soussignan, Robert; Hartmann, Constanze; Durand, Karine; Dittrich, Ralf; Sagot, Paul; Buettner, Andrea; Schaal, Benoist
Journal Article
2013Development of an analytical approach for identification and quantification of 5-alpha-androst-16-en-3-one in human milk
Hartmann, Constanze; Mayenzet, Fabienne; Larcinese, Jean-Paul; Haefliger, Olivier P.; Buettner, Andrea; Starkenmann, Christian
Journal Article
2012Human sweat odour conjugates in human milk, colostrum and amniotic fluid
Hartmann, Constanze; Doucet, Sebastien; Niclass, Yvan; Dittrich, Ralf; Cupisti, Susanne; Schaal, Benoist; Buettner, Andrea; Starkenmann, Christian
Journal Article