Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Data Lake
Quix, Christoph; Geisler, Sandra; Hai, Rihan
Book Article
2019A Metadata Framework for Data Lagoons
Theodorou, V.; Hai, R.; Quix, C.
Conference Paper
2019Relaxed functional dependency discovery in heterogeneous data lakes
Hai, R.; Quix, C.; Wang, D.
Conference Paper
2019Towards an Infrastructure Enabling the Internet of Production
Pennekamp, J.; Glebke, R.; Henze, M.; Meisen, T.; Quix, C.; Hai, R.; Gleim, L.; Niemietz, P.; Rudack, M.; Knape, S.; Epple, A.; Trauth, D.; Vroomen, U.; Bergs, T.; Brecher, C.; Buhrig-Polaczek, A.; Jarke, M.; Wehrle, K.
Conference Paper
2018Nested schema mappings for integrating JSON
Hai, R.; Quix, C.; Kensche, D.
Conference Paper
2018Query Rewriting for Heterogeneous Data Lakes
Hai, R.; Quix, C.; Zhou, C.
Conference Paper
2017An integrated ontology-based approach for patent classification in medical engineering
Geisler, Sandra; Quix, Christoph; Hai, Rihan; Alekh, Sanchit
Conference Paper
2017Ontology matching for patent classification
Quix, C.; Geisler, S.; Hai, R.; Alekh, S.
Conference Paper
201611th International Workshop on Quality in Databases, QDB 2016. Proceedings
: Quix, Christoph; Hai, Rihan; Wang, Hongzhi; Gudivada, Verikat N.; Berti, Laure
Conference Proceedings
2016Constance: An intelligent data lake system
Hai, Rihan; Geisler, Sandra; Quix, Christoph
Conference Paper
2016GEMMS: A Generic and Extensible Metadata Management System for data lakes
Quix, C.; Hai, R.; Vatov, I.
Conference Paper
2016Metadata extraction and management in data lakes with GEMMS
Quix, Christoph; Hai, Rihan; Vatov, I.
Journal Article
2016Recommender-System für Projektkollaborationen basierend auf wissenschaftlichen Publikationen und Patenten
Quix, Christoph; Geisler, Sandra; Hai, Rihan
Conference Paper
2015An ontology-based collaboration recommender system using patents
Geisler, Sandra; Hai, Rihan; Quix, Christoph
Conference Paper