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2019Optimization of Ag-Ag Direct Bonding for Wafer-Level Power Electronics Packaging via Design of Experiments
Yu, Z.; Wang, S.; Letz, S.; Bayer, C.F.; Häußler, F.; Schletz, A.; Suganuma, K.
Conference Paper
2001Nanostructural investigations of hydrating cement pastes produced from cement with different fineness levels
Häußler, F.; Hempel, M.; Baumbach, H.; Tritthart, J.
Journal Article
1999Fractal microstructures in hydrating cement paste
Heinemann, A.; Hermann, H.; Wetzig, K.; Häussler, F.; Baumbach, H.; Kröning, M.
Journal Article
1997Long-Time Monitoring of the Microstructural Change in Hardening Cement Paste by SANS
Baumbach, H.; Häußler, F.; Hempel, M.
Journal Article
1997Surface analysis by nondestructive testing techniques
Kröning, M.; Arnold, W.; Häußler, F.
Journal Article
1996Nondestructive morphological characterization of latent and etched ion tracks in PETP by SANS
Häußler, F.; Hempel, M.; Birkholz, W.; Baumbach, H.; Kröning, M.
Conference Paper
1995Hydrating cement pastes as a complex disordered system
Häußler, F.; Hempel, A.; Hempel, M.; Eichhorn, F.; Baumbach, H.
Journal Article
1995Investigation of latent and short etched heavy ion tracks in solids
Birkholz, W.; Häußler, F.; Stetsenko, S.G.; Baumbach, H.; Hempel, M.; Apel, P.; Kulkin, A.I.
Journal Article
1994Hydrating cement paste and SSNTD
Häußler, F.; Hempel, M.; Eichhorn, F.; Hempel, A.; Baumbach, H.
Book Article
1994Non-destructive characterization of materials with neutron experiments at the pulsed reactor IBR-2
Häußler, F.; Kröning, M.; Baumbach, H.
Conference Paper
1994Strukturelle Veränderungen im zementstein während des Hydrationsprozesses
Hempel, A.; Hempel, M.; Häußler, F.; Eichhorn, F.; Baumbach, H.
Conference Paper
1993Investigation of latent ion tracks in SSNTD with small angle neutron scattering
Birkholz, W.; Häußler, F.; Stetsenko, S.G.
Conference Paper
1993SANS study of hardening cement pastes and solid state nuclear track detectors
Häußler, F.; Eichhorn, F.; Birkholz, W.; Baumbach, H.
Conference Proceedings