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2021A Novel Approach for Kinetic Measurements in Exothermic Fixed Bed Reactors: Advancements in Non-Isothermal Bed Conditions Demonstrated for Methanol Synthesis
Nestler, F.; Müller, V.P.; Ouda, M.; Hadrich, M.J.; Schaadt, A.; Bajohr, S.; Kolb, T.
Journal Article
2021Power-to-Methanol. Schlussbericht
Hadrich, M.J.; Roth, A.; Apfelbacher, A.
2020Combination of Refractometry and Densimetry - A Promising Option for Fast Raw Methanol Analysis
Martens, M.; Hadrich, M.J.; Nestler, F.; Ouda, M.; Schaadt, A.
Journal Article