Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Tailoring magnetic supraparticles for object identification by magnetic particle spectroscopy
Müssig, Stephan; Fidler, Florian; Haddad, Daniel; Hiller, Karl-Heinz; Wintzheimer, Susanne; Mandel, Karl
Journal Article
2019Hollow Superparamagnetic Nanoparticle-Based Microballoons for Mechanical Force Monitoring by Magnetic Particle Spectroscopy
Wintzheimer, Susanne; Müssig, Stephan; Wenderoth, Sarah; Prieschl, Johannes; Granath, Tim; Fidler, Florian; Haddad, Daniel; Mandel, Karl
Journal Article
2019Supraparticles with a Magnetic Fingerprint Readable by Magnetic Particle Spectroscopy: An Alternative beyond Optical Tracers
Müssig, Stephan; Fidler, Florian; Haddad, Daniel; Hiller, Karl‐Heinz; Wintzheimer, Susanne; Mandel, Karl
Journal Article
2017Calcium fluoride based multifunctional nanoparticles for multimodal imaging
Straßer, Marion; Schrauth, Joachim H.X.; Dembski, Sofia; Haddad, Daniel; Ahrens, Bernd; Schweizer, Stefan; Christ, Bastian; Cubukova, Alevtina; Metzger, Marco; Walles, Heike; Jakob, Peter M.; Sextl, Gerhard
Journal Article
2017Determination of the mesio-distal tooth width via 3D imaging techniques with and without ionizing radiation: CBCT, MSCT, and µCT versus MRI
Detterbeck, Andreas; Hofmeister, Michael; Haddad, Daniel; Weber, Daniel; Schmid, Matthias; Hölzing, Astrid; Zabler, Simon; Hofmann, Elisabeth; Hiller, Karl-Heinz; Jakob, Peter; Engel, Jems; Hiller, Jochen; Hirschfelder, Ursula
Journal Article
2017Dynamic MRI assessment of normal knee kinematics
Haug, Lukas; Weber, Daniel; Haddad, Daniel; Böhm, Patrick; Neopil, Alexander; Rudert, Maximilian
Journal Article
2017High resolution MRI of the mandibular canal at 1.5T: A comparison of gradient and spin echo sequences
Kreutner, Jakob; Hopfgartner, Andreas; Weber, Daniel; Boldt, Julian; Rottner, Kurt; Richter, Ernst; Jakob, Peter M.; Haddad, Daniel
Journal Article
2016Adipose mesenchymal stromal cell-based therapy for severe osteoarthritis of the knee: A phase I dose-escalation trial
Pers, Yves-Marie; Rackwitz, Lars; Ferreira, Rosanna; Pullig, Oliver; Delfour, Christophe; Barry, Frank; Sensebe, Luc; Casteilla, Louis; Fleury, Sandrine; Bourin, Philippe; Noël, Danièle; Canovas, François; Cyteval, Catherine; Lisignoli, Gina; Schrauth, Joachim; Haddad, Daniel; Domergue, Sophie; Noeth, Ulrich; Jorgensen, Christian
Journal Article
2016MRI vs. CT for orthodontic applications: Comparison of two MRI protocols and three CT (multislice, cone-beam, industrial) technologies
Detterbeck, Andreas; Weber, Daniel; Haddad, Daniel; Hoelzing, Astrid; Zabler, Simon; Hofmeister, Michael; Hoffmann, Elisabeth; Hiller, Jochen; Engel, Jens; Hiller, Karl-Heinz; Jakob, Peter; Hirschfelder, Ursula
Journal Article