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2020Combined Al and C alloying enables mechanism-oriented design of multi-principal element alloys
Kies, Fabian; Ikeda, Yuji; Ewald, Simon; Schleifenbaum, Johannes Henrich; Hallstedt, Bengt; Körmann, Fritz; Haase, Christian
Journal Article
2020Controlling microstructure and mechanical properties of additively manufactured high-strength steels by tailored solidification
Köhnen, Patrick; Ewald, Simon; Schleifenbaum, Johannes Henrich; Belyakov, Andrey; Haase, Christian
Journal Article
2020Defect formation and prevention in directed energy deposition of high-manganese steels and the effect on mechanical properties
Kies, Fabian; Wilms, Markus Benjamin; Pirch, Norbert; Pradeep, Konda Gokuldoss; Schleifenbaum, Johannes Henrich; Haase, Christian
Journal Article
2019Rapid Alloy Development of Extremely High-Alloyed Metals Using Powder Blends in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Ewald, Simon; Kies, Fabian; Hermsen, Steffen; Voshage, Maximilian; Haase, Christian; Schleifenbaum, Johannes Henrich
Journal Article